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"Taking routes of most resistance
is challenging for a plantbased athlete runner,
in the long run,
most rewarding"

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Plant based bodybuilders, Vegan Athlete nutrition and diet for UK and USA.

Plant based athletes are usually vegan people that eat only eat plant derived foods. Some eat fruit, mainly high carb, some eat a higher percentage of plantbased fats (nuts and seeds), for slow burning endurance. Some include herbal protocols, such as medicinal herbs to aid detoxification and modulate immune function. Consuming a high carb high fruit vegan diet will give you good explosive fast twitch muscle vegan performance. For long distance endurance vegan trainers protein is not an issue, because society is lied to regarding the proportion of protein required. So for long distance vegan endurance runners, they need to be lean and light. Obviously for vegan bodybuilders or calisthenics athletes, they will require a little more protein to regenerate and create new muscle fibres as a vegan, this is called multi nucleation. These muscle fibres hold a high proportion of water, hence muscle is mainly made up of muscle fibres and water!

Advantages of being on a vegan plant based diet with herbal protocols. The pros and cons, the how, what, why and when of all things vegan, the industry lies.

There is a massive misconception that a plant based vegan trainer or athlete, would require animal products in their diet. Most animal derived products cause putrifaction in the primary absorption route of the ileum and duodenum. Therefore in todays depleted eating culture, the people consuming more animal derived products, have an increased risk of certain deficiencies, such as Vital mineral Vitamin B12. Many animal derived products also have a pathogenic load attached to them, from the fact that they quickly deteriorate and putrify, to the bacterial loading contained within the meat. This also extends to zoonotic disease that the animal may have acquired prior to slaughter. This is most prevelant, but not restricted to pigs, whereby many can contract Hepatitis E, which can go unoticed in the food slaughter process, as Hep E can incubate in the pig host and go through the system undetected. This is why pig products are recommended to be heated at high temperatures for a lengthly period in the hope of killing off any potential pathogens. Some people suceptible to these diseases can become gravely ill and even die if the meat is eaten raw and is infected.
Unfortunately for people who promote the paleolithic (Paleo) style of diet, the truth is, that even meat that is heated, does not kill off rugged endotoxic bacteria present in and on the meat, so consider a vegan lifestyle like Gaz who is a uk athlete
To become a UK plantbased Athlete on vegan, one must think like a Vegan Athlete UnitedKingdom USA, this wiki page shows us that to be fit healthy and to compete at a high standard is very achievable on a whole foods plantbased diet, train and eat like a Vegan whilst practicing herbal protocols.

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now for over 16 years, Gaz is one of the most hardcore trainers in England, he says "honestly the meat, dairy and egg industries only exist for one reason, to make people ill so that the pharmaceutical industry can make money from long term chronic illness"
There is no reason or requirement to consume animal products unless you are facing starvation. They place your body into an inflammatory state and inflame your arteries, creating atherosclerotic depositions.
The simple best way to improve your health and overall athletic performance is to embrace a 100% plantbased diet, herbal protocols, and forms of exercise that provide you with core strengthening without the pain and inflammation associated with a toxic animal product non vegan diet which will allow you to train sustainably as a vegan and you will be lean and fit every day of your life, when combined with herbal protocols and water quality, you will be full of energy and reverse degenerative "diseases".

I also create and sell herbal remedies such as medicinal mushrooms like chaga extract, chaga tincture, chaga mushrooms, turkey tail, herbs and water filtration, I provide items to aid with your health protocols. I pride myself on bringing customers a wide range of The Best Quality Organic Superfood Supplement Medicines and affordable health promoting equipment at reasonable prices. Thank you for shopping here.

If you re serious about your health and performance forget these people that move to hot cxountries and climates to tell you how easy weight management is, listen to the people in colder harsher climates still getting results, still putting in the training time
anybody can move to a sunny climate and get improvements, but people in harsher climates with less sun etc need to have much better motivation, immune function etc....they are the ones to follow!!!!

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veganism athletic in united kingdom climate these are the people to follow to improve your health
veganism athletic in united kingdom climate these are the people to follow to improve your health

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veganathletic sportsman Gazza is one of englands most hardcore trainers, training in all conditions, he is living proof tht eating a plantbased only diet can seriously benefit your health and immunity
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